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Subsequent Pregnancies

Subsequent Pregnancies

Subsequent pregnancies with the same donor

We feel it is very important for patients to have the option of using the same donor for subsequent pregnancies. Our facility attempts to store specimens on each of our donors for that purpose, making it possible for offspring to be biologically related. Sometimes a donor has a limited inventory, so availability may be limited for subsequent pregnancies. If a donor is no longer on the current donor list, it does not mean that we don't have specimens remaining in storage for subsequent pregnancies. Patients should call our lab to check availability.

There are two options when it comes to using the same donor for a subsequent pregnancy:

Option 1: Patients that want to guarantee availability of the same donor for future pregnancies can pre-purchase up to six vials of the requested donor at the time they conceive their initial pregnancy and pay yearly storage fees for us to maintain them. This is the option that we highly recommend if you wish to use the same donor for a subsequent pregnancy. If specimens have not left our facility and the patient no longer wishes to continue storage, we may opt to buy the specimens back at a discounted rate. This will depend on our inventory of the donor, and if we thought we would have any use for the specimens. Storage fees are not refundable.

Option 2: We make every attempt to put aside a number of vials of each donor for subsequent pregnancy inseminations. These specimens are only available to patients that have previously conceived a child by that donor. Patients may choose not to pre-purchase specimens and may decide to take the chance that there will be specimens remaining of their donor when they are ready to initiate inseminations for a subsequent pregnancy. If there are specimens remaining and the donor is only available for subsequent pregnancies, patients interested in using these specimens must pay a storage fee at the time the first order is placed. This fee is to cover the cost of the additional storage tanks and the liquid nitrogen required to maintain these specimens. The fees are figured from the date of last conception until the time the patient returns for each subsequent pregnancy. At the present time the fee is $150.00 per year of storage. We do not charge for partial years. (If you wait two and one half years between pregnancies you would only pay two years of storage fees) If you wait longer than three years between pregnancies $450.00 is the maximum storage fee we charge.

The subsequent pregnancy storage fee is due at the time of the first shipment of specimens. Once this fee is paid, six vials of the requested donor will be reserved for the recipient for 8 months. If the patient needs more than the reserved six vials, we will continue to supply additional specimens on a month-to-month basis for as long as they are available. Patients should periodically check with us on the availability of their donor if they don't plan to pre-purchase specimens. If the donor inventory is very limited they may change their minds and opt to pre-purchase specimens and pay yearly storage fees.

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