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Selecting A Donor

Selecting A Donor

Selecting a Donor

Selecting a donor is a very important decision for a patient. We understand how disappointing it is when a patient makes a donor selection only to be told that the donor is no longer available. We try to only keep donors on our list that have a good inventory. This increases our ability to provide patients with the same donor for repeat cycles if needed. Every patient is different when it comes to what is the most important factor in his or her donor selection. Some patients are very concerned with matching physical characteristics and or personality, while others are more concerned with ethnic background or medical history.

Blood type is another feature that patients should consider matching, especially if the parents don't plan to tell the child that they were conceived from donor insemination. The blood type of the donor should result in an offspring with a blood type that is feasible given the blood type of the parents. The couple should be counseled regarding any possible psychological problems which may occur in the future if they select a donor with a blood type different from their own. In addition it can be medically advisable for women who are Rh-negative to use an Rh-negative donor to avoid developing antibodies to a fetus that is Rh-positive. The final determination of using an Rh-negative donor should be discussed with your physician. In certain instances of ethnic background where a suitable blood type is not available, or in cases of a less common blood type such as AB, the patient may opt to choose a donor with a non-matching blood type to obtain other desirable characteristics. Please see the blood type chart prior to selecting a donor if matching blood type is important to you.

When you are selecting a donor it is important that you know if your physician requires that you order washed or unwashed specimens. Washed specimens are prepared for intrauterine inseminations. Unwashed specimens are used for cervical inseminations or they can be washed at your doctor's facility prior to insemination or IVF. We have pre-washed specimens available on most of our donors. When viewing the donor list it will note if the donor has washed specimens available.

Pre-washed specimens save time and money of washing the specimen in the physician's office. If a donor does not have pre-washed specimens available the physician may have the ability to wash the specimens in their office if intrauterine inseminations or an IVF procedure is planned. If you are going to a physician in the Detroit metro area, and your selected donor does not have pre-washed specimens available, we can thaw and wash specimens at our facility prior to your appointment for insemination. This would require the patient to make an appointment and to pick up and transport the washed specimen to the physician's office.

The unwashed donor vials contain a minimum volume of 0.70cc and will contain a minimum of 15 million motile sperm. Pre-washed specimens prepared for intrauterine inseminations have a volume of at least 0.50cc and contain a minimum of ten million motile sperm. When using frozen sperm it is advisable to inseminate two times per cycle, thus blanketing the ovulation period. Research has shown an increased rate in pregnancy when multiple inseminations are performed each cycle. The average pregnancy takes approximately 4-5 cycles of inseminations before conception occurs.

Our staff is happy to answer patient's questions and aid them in selecting a suitable donor. You can view the short profiles of the donors on this website by clicking the the donor code number on the donor list that matches closely with your desired physical characteristics. If preferred we can also mail, email or fax short profiles for no additional charge. Profile Books can be provided to fertility centers that are planning to order for a number of patients.

If the patient or their physician would like additional information on the donors prior to making a selection, for a small fee extended profiles can be provided. These profiles are twelve to thirteen pages long and offer additional information regarding the donor's physical features and personality. They also provide more extensive information regarding the donor's family medical history, special interests, hobbies, and physical characteristics for three generations of his family. The extended profiles are available by calling our lab (248) 397-8449.

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