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Ordering Donor Specimens

We only ship specimens directly to a physician's office. We do not ship specimens to a patient's home. Prior to ordering specimens for the first time, patients must sign a TDI client purchase agreement and return the original signed document by mail prior to placing an order for donor specimens.  If we have not previously shipped specimens to your physician's office, we need to have the physician sign a physician purchase agreement and complete a new TDI account information sheet regarding shipping and billing information. The physician's documents must be returned via fax or mail prior to the date the specimens are to be shipped.  Click on the links above to download and print the client and physician agreements and the account information form.

Note: All requests for donor specimens must be phoned in. Do not fax or email orders.

The patients will need to supply the following information when placing an order...

1. The code number of the donor selected.

2.  The type of specimens needed. Washed(IUI) specimens for intra-uterine inseminations or Standard Unwashed(ICI) for intra-cervical inseminations. This type of specimen could also be washed at the physicians office/lab if needed.  Patients should confirm that their physician has the ability to wash specimens.  ART (IUI) specimen quality suitable for IVF/ICSI, ART (ICI) specimen quality suitable for IVF/ICSI procedure.

3.  Number of vials to be shipped

4.  The date specimens are to arrive at the physician's office.

5.  Credit card information will need to be provided with each order.  We do not keep credit card information on file for the client's protection. 

All specimens are shipped in Liquid Nitrogen Shipping canisters. The canister will keep the specimens frozen for 7 days from the date of shipping. Orders should be placed so that specimens arrive a day prior to the date they are to be used. If the physician has a liquid nitrogen storage tank in their office the specimens can be shipped to arrive anytime prior to the date they are to be used.

Local shipments are delivered the same day they are shipped via a local courier service. Orders must be placed 2-3 days in advance of the requested delivery date.  The order is prepared and the courier arranged the day prior to the delivery date. They are picked up in the morning of the requested delivery date and delivered the same day by 5:00 p.m.

Shipments that are outside the Detroit metro area are shipped Via Federal Express 2 day service. Shipments can be sent Priority overnight (the next business day by noon) or Standard overnight (the next business day by 3:00) for an additional fee. We ask that orders be placed 3-4 business days in advance of the date the specimens are to arrive at the physician's office.(Federal Express does not count Saturday and Sunday as business days in their 2day or overnight services).  Example, when ordering a specimen to arrive on a Monday shipped via Federal Express, they must be shipped out on Thursday or upgraded to Priority overnight service and sent out on Friday. These orders should be placed no later than Wednesday.  Orders placed with less than 24 hours notice from the date they are to be shipped may be subject to additional fees. See the donor fee schedule for donor specimen and shipping fees.

If we are not billing your physician's account, we will obtain method of payment at the time that the order is placed. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, personal check or money order.

If you plan to pay with a personal check or money order, you must place your order and mail your payment a minimum of 7 days prior to the date the specimens are to be shipped. Orders will not be shipped unless payment is received.

To place an order or if you have any questions, call 248-397-8449.

Returning specimens for storage

If your cycle is cancelled you can return the specimens for short term storage.  The sooner the specimens are returned after a missed cycle the better chance the shipper will keep them at the proper temperature.  The shippers are only guaranteed to keep the specimens frozen for 7 days from the original date of shipment.  ICI will need to be notified of any specimens that are being returned for storage.  If the specimens are returned via FedEx we highly recommend that the shipment be upgraded to Standard Overnight service from the normal 2 day service.  The patient will be charged a return specimen storage fee and the cost of the upgraded return shipping fee.  If specimens are not resent within 30 days there will be an additional monthly storage fee added for each month the specimens remain at our facility.  If specimens are not going to be used for an extended period of time they can be returned for long term storage and a yearly storage fees would be applied. 

ICI will not be responsible for the quality of specimens that are returned  for storage and resent for future cycles.  ICI will also not be responsible for the quality of specimens that are stored at an outside facility for more than 90 days.

Donor Fee Schedule


ICI Standard Unwashed Donor Specimen


Pre-Washed IUI Ready Donor Specimens 


ART- ICI Assisted Reproductive Technology IVF Quality Donor Specimens 


ART- IUI Assisted Reproductive Technology IVF Quality Donor Specimens 

Extended Profiles - Mailed/Emailed/faxed $20.00 ea
Local Area Round Trip Shipping $105.00
2 day FedEx delivery Round Trip shipping and handling
(Fee is determined by zip code within the United States)
FedEX Standard Overnight (Next business day shipping by 3:00) additional $35.00
FedEx Priority Overnight (Next business day shipping by noon) additional $45.00
Late order fee (Orders placed on date of shipment) additional $25.00
Orders cancelled on date of shipment $50.00
Specimens returned for storage for 1 month.  Additional storage fees will apply if specimens are not reshipped in 30 days from date of return.

Yearly storage fee for donor specimens 1 to 3 vials
yearly storage each additional vial


For Client Deposit Ordering and Forms - Click here

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