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Frozen Donor Sperm Program

Frozen Donor Sperm Program

Frozen Donor Sperm Program

Sperm and Egg

International Cryogenics' frozen sperm program was organized forty years ago, and provides one of the highest quality services available to physicians and patients working in the field of infertility. Donors are selected and screened to provide very high quality specimens. All aspects of the sperm bank are continuously updated to provide the highest standards in quality control.

All donor specimens are quarantined for a minimum of six months. From the time the specimens are collected throughout the six month quarantine period, the donors undergo extensive screening and testing. Many of the tests are repeated numerous times prior to the release of the specimens for use.

We get most of our donors from the local medical schools, dental schools and medical residency programs or by referral from current donors or people associated with our facility. Many sperm banks strive to be the largest bank, with a long list of donors to select from. We feel it is more important to be selective in choosing our donors and provide high quality specimens that are thoroughly tested.

In the area of donor identity, special precautions are taken. A donor is given a code for identification of his specimens and his medical records. The actual name of the donor is never linked with his semen specimens or his records and would never be released for any reason. Our donor program is strictly anonymous; we do not offer donors that agree to have their identity released when the child reaches eighteen years of age. There are no records in our facility or in the physician's office linking the name of the donor with that of the recipient.

Careful tracking is done to monitor and limit the number of pregnancies per donor. Tracking sheets are sent to physicians with the shipment requesting follow-up information be supplied to inform us if a pregnancy occurred. If we don't receive these tracking sheets within a given time frame we continue to contact the physician until we obtain the requested information.

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