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Selecting a donor with a compatible blood type is very important to some people, especially if they don't plan to tell their child that they were conceived through donor insemination. The chart below should aid you in selecting a donor that has a compatible blood type.

Couple's Blood Type Compatible Donor Type
A and A A or O
A and B A, B, O or AB
A and O A or O
B and B B and O
B and O B and O
O and O Must use O

Husband Wife Compatible Donor Type
A AB any type
B AB any type
O AB must be O
AB AB any type

Wife Husband Compatible Donor Type
A AB * AB but not O
B AB * AB but not O
O AB * AB but not O
AB AB any type
*An A or B could be used when the Husband is AB, but if the donor or the wife contributes the recessive gene for O, the child could be O. This would not be a possible outcome for a husband and a wife with this blood type combination.

It can be medically advisable for women that are Rh-negative to use an Rh-negative donor to avoid developing Rh incompatibility (antibodies to an Rh-positive fetus). This is only an issue when the female is Rh-negative and the male is Rh-positive.

When a couple both have a positive Rh factor, they can elect to use an Rh-negative donor. This is possible because couples with Rh-positive types could have a child that is Rh-negative or Rh-positive. In utilizing this information it will allow additional donor choices. Their physician should counsel the couple when they have made their donor selection to insure their choice is medically appropriate.

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