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Additional Services

Additional Services

Sperm Picture The tests and services available are briefly described below. If additional information is needed please contact us by phone (248) 397-8449.

Sperm Washing and Capacitation for Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination with the husband's semen is indicated if the husband's semen specimen is of a lower quality and/or the wife has fertility problems that indicate inseminations may enhance the couple's chance of conception. There are many wash techniques that can be utilized. The reason for washing a semen specimen prior to insemination is to enhance the quality of the specimen and to remove the seminal fluid. The physician can then do intrauterine inseminations on the wife utilizing the washed semen specimens.

Retrograde Sperm Wash Retrieval

Retrograde ejaculation can be caused by a surgical procedure, an illness or a congenital malformation. The patient usually will not have any seminal discharge after an ejaculate. This is because the ejaculate goes into the bladder. In correlation with the wife's ovulatory cycle the husband follows some very simple instructions at home prior to his appointment at our lab. We have him collect a specimen at our lab. We then attempt to separate the sperm from the urine. The washed specimen can then be used to artificially inseminate the wife at her physician's office.

Post Chemo-Post Vasectomy Analysis (mini analysis)

This test gives patients the basic information needed to determine the effects of chemotherapy, radiation treatments, medications or surgical procedures on the quality of their sperm specimen. The parameters measured in a standard mini semen analysis give important information regarding male fertility. The post treatment semen analysis includes determination of sperm concentration per ml, percent of motile sperm, percent moving with a forward progression, velocity, agglutination, amount of cellular debris,volume, viscosity, pH.

Patients that wish to confirm that their vasectomy was successful may choose this analysis. For post vasectomy patients numerous slides are viewed and the specimen is centrifuged to separate any sperm from the seminal fluid; the sediment is analyzed to check for any residual sperm that may remain in the specimen. Patients should have an accurate semen analysis with a result of no sperm seen, prior to having unprotected intercourse after a vasectomy.

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